The Cheese Bar | Camden Stables, London

12th October 2017

Cheese, Wine and Beer Sign

During a trip to London last month, one of the places that were at the top of our list to visit was The Cheese Bar in Camden. After seeing numerous videos on Facebook of bubbling cheese fondue and stretchy cheese pulls coming from the same eatery in London, we decided we had to hunt it down. After arriving in Camden one morning, Adam and I set our sights on The Cheese Bar nestled cosily within the Stables Market of Camden which happens to be an absolute foodies haven! 

The Cheese Bar Camden London

We arrived for lunch around 1pm on a Sunday afternoon and we were seated straight away which was good as I expected it to be really busy. The eatery is set up like a real bar with the majority of its seating surrounding the bar itself. The marble table tops around the bar and shiny chrome taps gave The Cheese Bar a real luxe feel. We were seated around the bar area and were seen to promptly.

Fondue Smoked Sausage The Cheese Bar Camden

After initially starting out as a small truck touring festivals specialising in grilled cheese sandwiches which became a success, the owner Mathew Carver decided to open The Cheese Bar at Camden Market. The brick and mortar eatery means fans can come down to Camden and experience the best British cheeses all in one place. Staying true to its roots, the bar still offers its famous grilled cheese sandwiches whilst also expanding the menu to include things like cheesy truffle chips and blue cheese raclette.

Four Cheese Rotelle Pasta The Cheese Bar Camden

We found that the best way to make the most of the cheesy dining experience is to pick out a few dishes to share, like tapas! Adam and I picked the fondue with smoked sausage (£6.40), four cheese rotelle pasta (£7.80) and the mozzarella sticks with marinara sauce (£6.80). I would say the portions are pretty small when compared to the price however the three dishes between the two of us managed to keep us going until tea time.

Mozzarella Sticks from The Cheese Bar Camden

We were both most excited about the mozzarella sticks after seeing plenty of cheese pulls online, the mozzarella sticks worked perfectly with the marinara sauce and the fondue was delicious too. The four cheese rotelle pasta was actually our favourite dish – I loved the crispy topping! I found the skin on the sausage too thick to chew through at times which spoilt the fondue dish for me personally.



The cheese pull test had to be done!

Since we were in a bar dedicated to all things dairy, we decided to try the Black Cow vodka which is made using only pure milk from grass grazed cows pure milk. Although it set us back a staggering £6.50 for one shot(!!!), the taste was much crispier than ordinary vodka and didn’t have that strong after taste.

The Cheese Bar Camden London 2

For me The Cheese Bar was a bit of a novelty place to go and I probably wouldn’t go back, not because I didn’t enjoy it but because there are SO MANY other places to tempt your taste buds with in Camden. If you love cheese you will love it here as they have a full wall of house cheeses too!

Are you cheese obsessed? What is your favourite type of cheese? 

The Cheese Bar | Unit 93 – 94 Camden Stables | London | NW1 8AH