2017: A Year in Review

10th January 2018

Brussels Street Art

So here we are again and wow, what a year it has been. Despite never sticking to a ‘series’ on my blog, I find these year in review posts a great way to look back on each year, especially for myself. It gives me a chance to reflect on the year and focus on the highlights that came from it. From what started off as a year of with uncertainty, worry and a lot of stress, 2017 ended contently in my warm home with the one I love and I couldn’t have wished for anything more. 

I fell in love

At the beginning of the year I met Adam, in the gym of all places! Despite being almost a year into our relationship, I feel like the ‘honeymoon’ period is yet to phase out, I’ve never felt contentment and love like it. To meet someone who loves adventure, food and fitness as much as I do and someone who makes me laugh every day is just perfect. I can’t wait to see where the future takes us, starting with New York next month!

I became a sole homeowner

This is something I never thought I would or be able to say. It’s not something I’ve mentioned but now I feel like I’m ready. The beginning of 2017 began the long-winded process of becoming a sole homeowner. What a long and awful process it was! After five long months of jumping through hoops and going back and forth to the solicitors, I genuinely thought it was never going to happen. However I got there in the end and I couldn’t be happier or prouder to call my house my own.

I watched my friends blossom into fully fledged adults 

2017 was another incredible year of celebrations with my friends having babies, buying houses, planning weddings and progressing in their careers – I can tell I’m getting on a bit! I’ve loved seeing my friends strive over the last year. In 2017 we welcomed the arrival of Oliver Frank Crook, my friend’s little boy who is now a cheeky 7 month old and he’s an absolute dream!

Oliver Crook

I dipped my foot into self employment

Since February 2016 I have dabbled in freelance marketing, in January 2017 I finally decided to try and make a real go at going self-employed, it wasn’t until June 2017 that I found self-employment wasn’t for me. Having to rely solely on my own income to pay my mortgage, I didn’t like the idea of having to live month by month with the uncertainty of whether I have enough work to cover my bills. For me personally, I found out that I would rather enjoy my time outside of working hours, I found it difficult to switch off and staying up until daft o’clock to meet deadlines, I understand this is what it often takes to run a successful business but it’s just not for me. Instead I’m setting my sights on something more fulfilling. It also sucked the fun out of blogging for me which I’m hoping to get back on track with this year.

I travelled more than I ever have before

2017 saw me travel here, there and everywhere. I racked up plenty of miles on my trusty car and got myself in a few sticky situations but hey, I made it back home in the end! Since meeting Adam, we’ve been on many trips around the UK including Birmingham, Stoke, Edinburgh, London, Lincoln, Hull and Cleethorpes. I also had the pleasure of visiting Salou, Barcelona, Paris and Brussels too which were fab!

The Grand Place Brussels

I haven’t set any real goals for 2018 as I don’t want to put pressure on myself. My only aims are to focus on my health, fitness and happiness. Here’s to 2018, Happy New Year everyone!