Adam Proposed! | The Proposal Story

6th June 2018

Wedding countdown

I was in two minds whether to write this post or just to keep the special day between me and Adam but with my blog being the place where I’ve been documenting the highlights of my life over the years, it seemed only right to share this special moment here too. As requested by a few people, I’ve decided to share the proposal story of when Adam asked me to marry him on Tuesday 6th February 2018 in New York City – 4 months ago today!

New York Proposal at Sunset

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you will know that back in February Adam and I took a dream trip to New York City, the best deal we could find meant we would conveniently fly out on our 1st anniversary and fly home on Adam’s birthday. For Adam’s birthday I booked us a doors-off helicopter ride with FlyNyon as a surprise but little did I know, Adam had a surprise for me too.

New York City Proposal

Adam and I have a habit of spoiling each other’s surprises for one another so Adam managed to find out about the helicopter ride a few weeks before we flew to NYC. After the amazing but freezing experience of seeing the Big Apple from above and sticking our legs out of the helicopter, my parent’s had bought us tickets to go up the One World Observatory (OWO). We had a time slot which meant we’d be at the top of the OWO in time for sunset.

One World Observatory at Sunset

As we got to the OWO, we had to go through a security process like in an airport. I went through first and then went on to help Adam collect his stuff from the conveyor belt. Unfortunately, in true tradition of spoiling surprises, I found the ring moments before he had chance to pop the question.

Picking up his hat, I felt a hard box inside and immediately knew what it was. Looking up at Adam, I asked ‘is this what I think it is?’. Adam played it cool by asking ‘what do you think it is?’ and I just smiled and said ‘nothing’. We both walked in a daze to make our way up to the observation floor, I was full of surprise, excitement and sadness because I’d just ruined one of the most special moments we were ever going to share together.

One World Observatory at Sunset

Thinking I’d ruined the moment, I assumed Adam’s plan to propose wouldn’t be going ahead anymore, at least not that day. After reaching the top and seeing the big reveal of the city, the sun was just starting to set and Adam took my photo in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows and then asked if I’d take his photo too. I took the photo on my camera and as I lowered it from my face he was down on one knee with an open ring box, smiling my favourite smile.

One World Observatory Proposal

From that moment everything was a bit of a blur and despite finding the ring prior to the proposal I was still in shock. All I remember saying is ‘of course I will by the way!’ because I couldn’t remember if I’d said yes or not! It wasn’t until I started messaging family and friends (it was quite late back home) that it started to sink in and I started to cry.

We decided to celebrate by going to the ONE bar at the top of the One World Observatory and splurge on a bottle of prosecco. For hours we sat discussing our wedding and our future together all whilst gazing at my gorgeous ring and watching how it sparkled perfectly in the light – Adam did a brilliant job on picking the ring. After watching all of the lights in the city gradual turn on as the sun set completely, we made our way back to our hotel to get dressed and go out to celebrate some more.

New York Engagement

Once we had a quick freshen up, we jumped in a taxi and went to 230 Fifth rooftop bar as we had a $100 voucher to use (I mentioned this in my guide to planning your first trip to New York City post). As we entered the bar via the lift, we headed straight to the rooftop to see the popular igloos and take in the amazing views of the Empire State Building.

Celebratory cocktails overlooking the Empire State Building

It was a cold winter’s evening and the rooftop bar was about to close so we soon headed back to the penthouse lounge for cocktails where we sat overlooking the brilliant New York skyline all lit up. We spotted a photo booth in the lounge and decided to mark our engagement with some photos, an idea I got from Danni of Gingerbread Smiles. After using up our voucher we ended our hectic day perfectly with our favourite – NYC pizza slices!

2bros pizza NYC

Four months on we’ve booked our wedding for the 2nd of May 2020 and we couldn’t be happier. I can’t wait to be a wife and I’m looking forward to sharing the rest of my life with Adam by my side.