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23rd June 2018

Cake Fest Middlesbrough

To celebrate the £7.7 million makeover of Middlesbrough Town Hall*, I’m excited to announce an amazing event coming to Centre Square on Sunday 1st July – Cake Fest Middlesbrough! When the email landed into my inbox I knew it was something I had to roll up my sleeves for and get involved in. Combining two of my favourite things – eating cake and bigging up my hometown of Middlesbrough – how could I not be at the forefront of it?! I’ve always had an inner baker in me and although I’ve never baked a larger than normal cake before, nor have I decorated one with such detail, I’ve been looking forward to stepping up to the challenge.

What is Cake Fest Middlesbrough?

So the idea behind Cake Fest Middlesbrough is for baking pros and absolute baking beginners to come together at Centre Square to create a giant edible map of Middlesbrough, showcasing all of the brilliant iconic buildings, parks and sculptures that our town is known and loved for.

Baking Bedford Street

When it came to reserving the landmark I wanted to recreate out of cake, I knew it had to be Bedford Street. There’s something about the revamped street that holds a special place in me (probably because it’s an absolute haven for foodies like me!).

Bedford Street Middlesbrough

Since the street’s redevelopment in 2015, I’ve followed the journey throughout, from the sourcing of the independent businesses to take up residency and attending launch events to supporting the businesses with regular visits. I spend a lot of my time around that area now, especially since the launch of the Orange Pip Market that now takes place across both Baker Street and Bedford Street on the last Saturday of each month. If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you might have seen my posts about the launch of Songbird Bakery, my favourite wood-fired pizzas at Barbarossa, a great bar called The Chairman and all about the first ever Orange Pip Market.

My First Attempt

Two weeks ago I got together my baking equipment and set out to do a trial run before the main event. The trial was mainly to see if the cake size I was making was going to be manageable and decoration wasn’t really a main concern at the time. I started off by making enough cake mixture to create a four layer rectangular cake. The cake turned out really well so it was then time to move on to the decorating.

As expected, I ran into a few troubles along the way which made me so thankful that I did a trial run the first place!

Things I’ll be changing for the main event

  • Buttercream – I’ll be making the buttercream a thicker consistency and will put it in the fridge for a short while to stiffen slightly prior to spreading on the cake, this will hopefully prevent it from squelching out of the sides next time.
  • Royal icing – Instead of painting the white icing with food colouring to create a brick effect, I will be buying ready-coloured icing to create a more professional finish. I will also have Adam on hand to help me place the icing over the cake to avoid any tearing.
  • Roof – I’ll be using buttons again but a lot more of them!
  • Street front – I’ll be taking more care in creating the shop windows for the main event and hopefully adding much more detail.Bedford Street Cake for Cake Fest Middlesbrough

How to get involved in Cake Fest Middlesbrough

There are still cakes waiting to be reserved and baked for the big day on Sunday 1st July so if you want to get involved head over to the Cake Fest Middlesbrough website. We are also looking for people to make things out of icing to dot around the map such as cars, trees and people so feel free to make those and bring them along with you to Centre Square from 12pm! Another way to get involved is to simply come down to Centre Square from 2:45pm to grab a slice of your favourite landmark – they are bound to taste as good as they look! Hope to see you there!

UPDATE! Here’s a look at the cake I made for the main event:

Cake Fest Middlesbrough - Bedford Street

Middlesbrough Centre Square | Albert Road | Middlesbrough | TS1 2QJ

*This post is sponsored by Middlesbrough Town Hall. All opinions are my own. Please read my disclaimer for more information.