Unlimited Pizza Toppings for £10 at Pizza Punks | Grey Street, Newcastle

28th October 2018

Pizza Punks Neon Logo

What better email to land in my inbox than an invite to the latest pizza restaurant to open in the North East? Last weekend I had the pleasure of visiting Pizza Punks* on Grey Street in Newcastle to enjoy a cool evening of cocktails, pizza and delicious side dishes. Adam and I booked a table for 5:30pm on Saturday afternoon to get there just before the evening rush. 

Pizza Punks Newcastle Menu

Located on Grey Street in Central Newcastle, the restaurant is perfectly situated a short stroll from Eldon Square making it a great spot for a bite to eat after a day of shopping in the city. As we were seated the restaurant soon filled up and had a queue heading out of the doorway, full of eager people hoping to get a seat. Tables can be booked online in advance if you don’t fancy leaving it to chance and waiting in line.

Love Will Tear Us Apart Again Neon Sign

Visiting Newcastle is something Adam and I do quite regularly, we tend to drive up or jump on the train depending on whether we plan on drinking or not. We particularly enjoy staying at the Crowne Plaza in Newcastle for a midweek treat as their prices are very reasonable through the week, located just a few minutes walk from Newcastle train station and a short, pleasurable walk into the main centre. On this occasion, we decided to get a return train ticket from Middlesbrough to Newcastle so we could enjoy a couple of drinks with our meal.

Cocktails at Pizza Punks Newcastle

We started our evening by ordering some cocktails from the drinks menu. As well as cocktails, Pizza Punks also have an interesting selection of soft drinks, craft beers, freak shakes and more. We ordered the By Monks For Punks (£7.00) and the Smashed Strawberry (£7.00) followed by a Sherbet Cherry (£7.00) and another By Monks For Punks. The Sherbet Cherry was my favourite – Tanquery gin, raspberry liqueur and a lovely cherry sherbet foam.

Garlic Bread and Sourdough Cheeseburger Bites Pizza Punks

We ordered some side dishes as a starter course, where we were immediately drawn to the sourdough cheeseburger bites. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect as I liked the sound of them but don’t like gherkins but they completely exceeded my expectations! Bits of lean beef with melted cheese and chopped gherkins tucked inside a sourdough casing served with a burger relish. The cheeseburger bites were really hot and juicy, and packed with a lot of flavour. We also got the chilli cheese garlic bread which unfortunately lacked flavour to me.

Pizza Punks Newcastle Pizza and Cocktails

No Gods No Rules No Forks Neon Sign

Pizza Punks offers something different to other restaurants that serve up pizza. Giving customers the chance to create their own 12 inch pizza from scratch, from the base and sauce to the endless amount of toppings, there’s no limits to what you can create – what’s even better is it costs just £10!

Pizza Punks Artisan Woodfire Pizza Pepperoni

How it works

  1. Pick your base – Sourdough or gluten free
  2. Pick your sauce – Red, white or BBQ
  3. Pick your cheeses – Cheese, mozzarella, scamorza, goats, vegan or parmesan
  4. Pick your unlimited toppings – Choose from a huge selection of meats, vegetables and completely random toppings such as mac and cheese, lamb donner, and Irn-Bru pulled pork!
  5. Add your finishing touches such as rocket, basil, chilli flakes or oregano

Pizza Punks Newcastle Pizza Oven 2

I went for quite a modest pizza, picking a tomato base with mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, Irn-Bru pulled pork, sundried tomatoes and topped off with parmesan cheese and oregano. My pizza was amazing, the crust was perfectly cooked too – I just love fire-burnt bits and dough blisters! Unfortunately I couldn’t get much flavour from the Irn-Bru pulled pork but the other toppings combined together to create some really good flavours.

Unlimited Pizza Toppings Pizza Punks Newcastle

In true Adam style, he got the majority of the toppings available to create a pizza that resembled a small mountain! He chose toppings like mac and cheese, parma ham, egg, pineapple and Newcastle Brown Ale beef brisket. He said each bite was a different taste and it worked really well together, so much so he actually managed to eat it all!

Pizza Punks Newcastle

Pizza Punks is our idea of the perfect restaurant as we’re such pizza lovers! We loved that we were seated right near the wood fire oven where we could watch our pizzas made right in front of us. The restaurant decor is also really cool with plenty of neon signs and cool wall art like the photo above.

Check out the full Pizza Punks menu here.

34-40 Grey Street | Newcastle Upon Tyne | NE1 6AE

*Complimentary food and drink provided by Pizza Punks in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. Please read my disclaimer for more information.