Our Favourite Pizza Place, Scream For Pizza, Open Their First Restaurant! | Sandyford, Newcastle

23rd July 2019

Scream For Pizza Ragu Do You Think You Are

Last month Adam and I finally got around to heading up to Sandyford in Newcastle to visit Instagram page at their brand new premises. After following Goldie (their converted camper van) around for the last couple of years at various food festivals we were so excited when they announced they were opening a permanent restaurant that we could visit any time.

Scream For Pizza Sandyford Newcastle

It was a Saturday afternoon when we drove up to Sandyford for a taste of our favourite pizzas ever. It was so nice to get a little dressed up and sit down to eat pizza instead of having to weather the storm, walk and eat simultaneously  or sit on a wall to enjoy our tasty feast. We put the postcode into the sat nav and it took us around an hour travelling from Middlesbrough. When we approached the street, we noticed there were a few brightly decorated shops, restaurants and hair dressers which gave off a similar vibe to Baker Street in Middlesbrough. The restaurant is beautifully decorated with black paint and an unmissable bubblegum pink front door.Scream For Pizza Sandyford Menu

Although I liked that their drinks menu was out of the ordinary, I was dissapointed to find they don’t sell cider as I was really looking forward to slurping one with my meal! Instead I ordered a Bon Accord cola which is a slightly healthier version of the classic coca cola as it is 100% naturally sweetened and it still tasted good. Adam ordered a Sardinian beer which he enjoyed. I imagine the drinks menu will be something they’ll expand on once they been up and running a while and figure out what their diners want to drink with their pizza.

Scream For Pizza Sandyford

Moving on to the main event – the pizza! We were happy to see our favourites had made the restuarant menu (I love the Brooklyn Bee!) but we were even more excited to see their specials board which had some amazing new flavours to try. We decided to order a pizza each and swap halves so we both chose the guest pizzas which were available that night, Amanda’s Sausage Party which featured a selection of sausage variations including our beloved nduja and the Ragu Do You Think You Are? Which was topped with the most amazing 24 hour pure breed beef shin ragu that is making my mouth water just thinking about it!

Both pizzas were incredible and if that’s not enough, we also ordered a side of my favourite chilli honey and an interesting new dip called vodka bacon sauce. This was almost a paste-like consistency which was full of bacon flavour with an added warmth to it from the vodka, it was a great sauce for dipping your crusts into. We also shared a bowl of chips that were perfectly seasoned with sea salt and rosemary. As you can probably tell, we were truly in our element during the entire meal.

Fried Batter Desser Scream For Pizza Sandyford

Although we were completely stuffed after polishing off our pizzas, I just had to try their dessert of fried dough which I seen advertised on their Instagram page before our visit. It was totally worth the food coma I was in afterwards together with the vegan ice cream (which tasted like the real deal!) it was the perfect combination and finished the meal off perfectly.

We’re absolutely ecstatic about having Scream For Pizza cater at our wedding next year. After Adam proposed, before we even decided on a date, we knew we just had to have Scream For Pizza there on our wedding day! We’re so excited for our family and friends to try their amazing pizzas for themselves!

21-25 Starbeck Avenue | Sandyford Road | Newcastle | NE2 1RJ