Celebrating National Pizza Day at Sano Pizza | Dublin, Ireland

22nd January 2020

Pizza close up Sano Pizza Dublin Ireland

No matter where we go, we’re always on the hunt for the best Neapolitan pizza. Whilst browsing TripAdvisor for the best restaurants to visit whilst in Dublin for Adam’s birthday last year, Sano Pizza happened to be high on the list, ranked the 2nd best pizza restaurant in Dublin and 69th out of 2,230 restaurants in Dublin at the time of our visit in 2019. Despite dropping to 4th position this year, we still think Sano is a place to shout about. We decided to head here on our first night after some exploring and it seemed rude not to eat pizza on National Pizza Day (9th February in case you’re wondering).

Sano Pizza Dublin Ireland

Whilst we wandered around Temple Bar, I knew we were pretty close to Sano Pizza so I searched for it on Google Maps. We hadn’t booked a reservation and despite it being a busy Saturday evening, they managed to find a table for us. The pizza restaurant is deceiving from the outside as it looks fairly small but the seating extends to the back of the restaurant and spreads onto another floor too which was great because it meant there was minimal wait time. We sat on the first floor close to the stairs and nestled nicely away from the front door which would have been breezy with customers constantly coming and going. Tables were a little squashed together especially the tables for two and we could hear conversations from both couples at either side of us. This didn’t bother us but I’d imagine some people would find it a little too close for comfort.

Drinks at Sano Pizza Dublin

Starting with the drinks, there was a choice of local beers from Five Lamps Dublin and Dowd’s Lane, red and white wine along with soft drinks. I picked the cider and Adam got the lager, these were served in well decorated cans and tasted pretty good too. Judging by the current menu it looks like the pizzeria has swapped its local drinks selection for more mainstream choices like Peroni and Bulmers.

We ordered a garlic bread (€5) to share for a starter which was much bigger than we expected and looked great. There was lots of air bubbles and burnt blisters which we love, the dough was spot on but it seemed like the garlic butter had dried out whilst it was in the oven, I would have preferred it to be juicier.

Garlic Bread at Sano Pizza Dublin Ireland

Moving onto our pizzas, we ordered a pizza each like we usually do and swapped a few slices. I got the Sapori Del Sud (€9.90) – Italian fennel sausage, nduja, friarielli (Italian broccoli) & fresh
mozzarella. I’ll admit I was disappointed with mine as I thought the friarielli was sloppy and their was too much of it. As stated on the menu this pizza didn’t have a tomato base which would normally be fine for me but I felt at though there was too much mozzarella on it which made my pizza taste bland and samesy after a few bites.

Adam’s choice on the other hand was amazing and we both really enjoyed it. He ordered the Diavola (€8.90) – Spicy salami from Calabria, fresh mozzarella, basil
& tomato sugo. The spicy salami was super spicy and almost a bit too much for me but teamed together with the tomato base it was a great combination along with the beautiful dough base. Adam’s was easily the better one out of the two and made up for mine not being so great which I think was down to my own poor choice of picking something a bit risky (one topped with veg!).

Sapori Del Sud Pizza at Sano Pizza Dublin

Diavola pizza at Sano Dublin Ireland

We decided to finish off the evening with an ice cream with a selection of toppings. This was served to us in a cone with a flake and a choice of sauces for us to spoon on ourselves. This was a fun way to finish the meal with something refreshing and light.

Dessert at Sano Pizza Dublin Ireland

Despite my pizza not being too great, Adam’s pizza made me keen revisit Sano Pizza again when we visit Dublin again in the future. Their prices were reasonable, the atmosphere was casual and enjoyable, and their pizza dough was really good! I’d love try the other pizzas they have to offer.

2 Exchange Street Upper | Temper Bar | Dublin