About Us

Adam and Sami Table For Two

Hello! Welcome to Table For Two, an online blog ran by Teesside couple, Sami and Adam. After meeting in January 2017 (at the gym of all places), it didn’t take long for the two to share their love of good food, particularly pizza. Fast forward to 2020, the couple recently tied the knot and have been on endless trips to sample some of the best food around the country. They have made it their mission to track down and discover the best Neapolitan pizzas near and far whilst sharing their discoveries along the way. Because of their love of good food and eating out, asking for a ‘table for two’ is a common phrase for the pair and seemed like an appropriate name for this new venture.

Sami, who formerly ran the blog Daisy Daydreams from 2014 – 2019, thought it made sense to rebrand and form a partnership with her husband. Adam is the photographer and the daring taste tester whilst Sami continues her love for writing, eating and exploring new destinations. Together the North East couple want to share everything from fine dining to street food, and roadtrips through the countryside to flights across the channels. Table For Two will cover everything from North East lifestyle, restaurant reviews and travel recommendations.

We are keen to support independent and local businesses in the North East, there’s nothing we love more than sharing the love for our local community around the Tees Valley (except maybe pizza). Feel free to email us with any questions or even just to chat! Our email address is infotable42@gmail.com

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